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World Trade Center Health Registry I was there September 11th. That's why I'm signing up for the World Trade Center Health Registry. Update Contact Info
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Scientific Publications

  • • One in Eight Rescue and Recovery Workers Develop Post-Tramatic Stress Disorder, 2007 Aug. 29; [American Journal of Psychiatry]
  • • Survey Finds Elevated Rates of New Asthma Among WTC Rescue and Recovery Workers, 2007 Aug. 27; [Environmental Health Perspectives]
  • • Murphy J, Brackbill RM, Thalji L, Dolan M, Pulliam P, Walker DJ. Measuring and maximizing coverage in the World Trade Center Health Registry. Stat Med. 2007 Feb 7; [Epub ahead of print]
  • • Brackbill RM, Thorpe LE, DiGrande L, Perrin M, Sapp JH 2nd, Wu D, Campolucci S, Walker DJ, Cone J, Pulliam P, Thalji L, Farfel MR, Thomas P. Surveillance for World Trade Center disaster health effects among survivors of collapsed and damaged buildings. MMWR Surveill Summ. 2006 Apr 7;55(2):1-18.
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