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World Trade Center Health Registry.
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Why This is Important
By enrolling in the WTC Health Registry, enrollees:

  • Made a valuable contribution to understanding the full scope of the health effects related to 9/11/01.
  • Through the information provided, helped to create guidelines that may save lives and reduce injuries in future disaster settings.
  • Received information about other health studies and programs related to 9/11/01.

Quarterly reports with updated findings from the WTC Health Registry will be available on this Web site. Check back for regular updates.

The Importance of Health Registries
Health registries have been set up following a number of disasters, including the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995. They are valuable tools that allow health professionals to track and investigate possible trends in illness and recovery, and help create guidelines that can save lives and reduce injuries in future disaster settings. Health registries create a roster of people that can be used over time:

  • As a service to affected people to answer questions about their health;
  • To apprise enrollees and the general public of new advances in treatment for any illnesses associated with exposure to a particular event (in this case, 9/11/01);
  • And as an aid to research that allows health professionals to identify trends in illness and recovery, and better understand how exposures affect people.

All findings from the WTC Health Registry will be shared with the public so that people can make informed decisions about their health. Quarterly reports will be posted on this Web site, and findings will be shared with health professionals who are conducting more specific studies about particular groups of people who were affected by 9/11/01. Doctors and medical providers will also be informed of new health findings.

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